Pflanzen Sie Sommerzwiebeln für mehr Farbe in Töpfen

The wow effect

You can plant summer bulbs in spring, when there is no more risk of night frost. Although they really thrive in the open ground, they will also radiate beauty in pots. Most summer bulbs produce impressive flowers in incredibly diverse shades. With the extra use of colour, you can make your garden more interesting and create a real wow effect.


The great thing about pots is that you can use as many as you like. And, of course, you can also move them around. If there is a spot in your garden where nothing is flowering, you can brighten it up by putting a pot of summer bulbs there. And if you have found a cosy little corner for relaxing, you could put a pot with summer bulbs there too, for even more enjoyment.

Short varieties

All summer bulbs are suitable for planting in pots. Nevertheless, we advise choosing varieties that do not grow too tall. This avoids having to support the plant. Callas, African lilies and pineapple plants always work well. If you choose lilies, dahlias or gladioli, go for the shorter varieties. There are plenty of beauties to choose from.


Choose pots that make you happy, but make sure they are big enough. As long as the summer bulbs and tubers fit inside comfortably, they will have plenty of room to root. Make sure there are one or more holes at the bottom of the pot, to allow excess water to drain away. Fill the pot three quarters full with potting soil, plant your favourite bulbs and top up with more potting soil. Enjoy!

Useful information

  • Water your potted summer bulbs and tubers generously so that they do not dry out.
  • Some summer bulb varieties produce new flowers when the old ones are removed. Think of dahlias and callas, for example.
  • Did you know that dwarf and low-growing dahlias are particularly suitable for pots? They often flower even more exuberantly in pots. The plant also keeps its shape and what’s more, they don’t require a big pot.


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